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Table of Contents

  • TL:DR: Prescribe the Aloe, Doc
  • Where to Find Aloe
  • How to Collect the Most Aloe
  • What Can I Make With All This Aloe?
  • Sated Buff and Food Healing
  • Aloe Price For Peace of Mind
  • FAQ
    • Question: Where can I find the most aloe in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: How can I harvest more aloe?
    • Question: What is aloe used for in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: Is there any reason to make healing wraps instead of aloe extract?
    • Question: What's the best way to heal in Conan Exiles?

Funcom doesn’t care to hold anyone’s hand in Conan Exiles. There are a couple of minor quests to get the player pointed in the right direction at the beginning, but most of the knowledge you’ll need to survive will come from your own exploring and suffering. This usually leads to awkward gaps in knowledge and harsh learning curves for myself and others.

I am excited you found this article. I’m not proud to admit that I was almost level 30 on my first play-through when I bothered to figure out what aloe was for. Most of the game’s healing system relies on the little plant, so you can probably deduce that I was having a rough go of it. The world was becoming littered with piles and piles of rough wraps while I refused to explore any other healing option and kept barreling my way further north and into danger.

Don’t be like me. Aloe is your friend, and the items you can craft from it will make your life in the Exiled Lands multitudes more enjoyable.

TL:DR: Prescribe the Aloe, Doc

Conan Exiles Aloe Guide - Conan Fanatics (3)

Aloe is a large green succulent with red flowers in both the real world and the game world. You can find it growing primarily by the water. Your first run-ins with it will likely be by the south river, and you should hang on to everything you collect until you get your base up and running. You can harvest aloe with your hands but will find crafting a sickle helps when you start to need multitudes.

Aloe is used in healing items at the alchemist’s bench (or its upgraded versions). The first is a small aloe extract potion that quickly restores 120 health over 5 seconds. Aloe extract is a game-changer if all you’ve been using up to this point are rough wraps. It heals more health quickly and is perfect for quick heals in battle. You can also upgrade your healing wraps with aloe to get more healing in between fights in a lightweight, packable item. Craft your sickle and head out to harvest some aloe!

Where to Find Aloe

Conan Exiles Aloe Guide - Conan Fanatics (4)

You’ll find aloe vera plants all along the southern river in the Exiled Lands. After you load your game of choice in, pull up your map and look for letters and numbers along the side. We use coordinates in Conan Exiles to give specific directions to items and locations. “Newb River” (as it’s lovingly referred to by Conan players) is the large body of water you run into after the starting desert. It runs from D4 to J5. It continues to run into the ocean, but as the terrain turns into the jungle after J5, it’s no longer considered a beginner zone.

The highest density of aloe vera on the river is along the northern bank in I4. The desert juts out into the river in a U shape, and you’ll find aloe all along the banks in this area.

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How to Collect the Most Aloe

Conan Exiles Aloe Guide - Conan Fanatics (5)

Collecting aloe becomes somewhat tedious as you gain levels and venture further into the Exiled Lands. You’ll quickly be looking for shortcuts to fill your inventory full of the green golden plant. My first recommendation for loading up on aloe quickly is to go where it’s densest along the river around I4.

After you’ve found the motherload, consider crafting a sickle. A sickle collects more items from any plant it harvests, including bugs and other drops that are not exclusively plant material. You will get far more aloe (and aloe seeds) per plant with a sickle than you will with your bare hands. You’ll get even more aloe per plant as you upgrade your sickle.

There is an item called a tool upgrade kit you may want to consider crafting as your aloe needs increase. There are three tiers to the upgrade kits: a simple tool upgrade kit, a tool upgrade kit, and an advanced tool upgrade kit. Each one will increase the resources harvested by your sickle, with the higher tier kits increasing your gathering capabilities the most. Tool resource kits can be crafted at a tinkerer’s bench.

Open your character’s stat profile and consider dumping some points into survival. With 20 points in survival, you’ll be granted the Hard Worker perk. The Hard Worker perk does not increase the number of resources you harvest; rather, it allows your player to harvest the node faster. You’ll be able to swipe through aloe plants in no time, quickly filling up your inventory with enough for a mountain of aloe extracts.

There’s one final consideration for increasing your aloe intake: grow your own! You’ll end up with quite a few seeds in your inventory if you’ve worked your way all the way down this list. All you need to grow your own aloe are those seeds, a planter, and some compost. You must build both the planter and compost heap, and you’ll need to fill your compost heap with either five fibers, four bonemeal, and two putrid meat or 10 dung and five plant fibers to make compost. After that, it’ll only take one compost and one seed in the planter to grow some more aloe vera leaves. Planters do not produce more seeds, so this is really just a little bonus Funcom has chosen to bestow upon its players. You can have more aloe leaves as a treat!

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What Can I Make With All This Aloe?

Conan Exiles Aloe Guide - Conan Fanatics (6)

You’ll be looking to make healing items with your stacks and stacks of aloe leaves. You’ll need to be at least level 15 for aloe to be of any use to you, but you should save any you find in a chest until then. When you hit level 15, look through your building feats menu for the firebowl cauldron feat. Learning this feat will unlock the alchemist’s bench and several items that can be made on it.

The most important aloe product that you should churn out is aloe extract. It will require 10 leaves of aloe. When you have a couple of these potions, put them on your action wheel before your next tight battle. The extract heals 120 health over just a five-second animation. It is a much easier task to get away from a fight for five seconds instead of the 10 seconds a wrap takes to heal.

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The downside to the potions is that they are heavy, and the weight starts to matter once your armor has been upgraded. Aloe will also allow you to craft healing wraps at the alchemist’s bench. While these take longer to heal, require 10 aloe leaves and 10 leather (more expensive), and don’t actually heal any more than the aloe extract, they are much easier to pack out in a crowded inventory. I wouldn’t suggest in your early game to worry about crafting these wraps. Still, they are a consideration for later when you’re constantly over-encumbered.

An important thing to keep in mind is that if you have a bleed debuff applied, you will want to make time to use the wrap instead of the potion.

The potion will only heal one tick and then be canceled by the bleed. The wrap actually heals the bleed debuff and then continues to restore health points. Both the extract and the wraps have upgraded versions that require aloe. The time they take to apply remains the same, but the upgraded items heal more than the standard aloe extract and healing wraps. They will require learning more feats, building upgraded crafting tables, and other more difficult to come by ingredients.

Sated Buff and Food Healing

Conan Exiles Aloe Guide - Conan Fanatics (7)

Aloe and its products are great solutions for tense situations, but you’ll always get a better bang for your buck by eating to heal. The better the food, the higher the health return if you consume it when you’re already full. By eating when you’re not hungry, your character will have a sated buff applied and heal a specific amount per second depending on the food and how many perks they’ve unlocked. For instance, eating bugs to gain sated will only heal 3pts of health per second. Eating a savory feast will instead grant 7 pts of health per second when sated.

It is crucial you know about sated and cooking when deciding how to use your aloe. Some players never upgrade to anything better than aloe extract and healing wraps when it comes to battle heals. They’d rather use an easy to source, quick solution in an emergency. If you put your effort into sourcing and cooking good food for a high sated bonus, you’ll be able to more efficiently restore your full health bar in between battles and only use aloe solutions in emergencies. This does not negate the need for aloe solutions; nearly everything in the Exiled Lands can become an emergency.

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Aloe Price For Peace of Mind

Conan Exiles Aloe Guide - Conan Fanatics (8)

Aloe is a life-saver, very literally, in Conan Exiles. As in ingredient, its sole purpose is to make items that pull you back from the edge and out of the danger zone, hopefully, no matter how much trouble you’ve gotten yourself into. While there may be more efficient ways to heal, the combination of speed of use and how much they heal keep aloe products in your inventory the whole game.

An ideal adventure in the Exiled Lands is one where I never have to touch my aloe extract and can rely solely on eating big meals and a sated buff to repair my health bar. There is a reason I always have 10 on me anyway. Adventures don’t always turn out the way you think they will outside of the confines of your base (or sometimes inside them). It’s best to head out prepared with a stack of aloe extract and some backup healing wraps.

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Question: Where can I find the most aloe in Conan Exiles?

Answer: You can find aloe along the banks of the southern river. The highest concentration is in I9, along the banks of the northern shore.

Question: How can I harvest more aloe?

Answer: Consider crafting and upgrading your sickle and applying a tool upgrade kit to your sickle. You may also consider putting 20 points in survival for the Hard Working perk, which will allow you to harvest resources faster. Lastly, don’t skip crafting a compost heap and planter to grow the aloe seeds you find along the way.

Question: What is aloe used for in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Aloe is used to make healing items at the alchemist’s bench. Players primarily use aloe extract to quickly replenish health in the middle of combat.

Question: Is there any reason to make healing wraps instead of aloe extract?

Answer: Healing wraps are more expensive, take longer, and heal around the same amount as the extract but lighter. You can carry far more healing wraps than aloe extract. Additionally, they cure the bleed debuff (which renders the extract unusable).

Question: What’s the best way to heal in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The most efficient way to heal is to use the sated buff that food applies. Better food applies a better healing buff. Keep aloe extract on your quick wheel in case of emergency.

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