Ina Garten Is Worth a Lot More Than You Realized (2024)

Ina Garten is arguably one of the most famous—and beloved—celebrity chefs in the world. Although the bestselling cookbook author and The Barefoot Contessa star is an expert in the kitchen now, she had a very unconventional path on her way to becoming a professional chef. Through her unexpected journey to kitchen stardom, the 71-year-old has amassed a significant net worth.

Believe it or not, Ina’s first career was pretty much the polar opposite of whipping up decadent meals for a living—she worked in finance. Specifically, she held a position in the Office of Management and Budget at the White House in 1978 during Jimmy Carter’s administration. Even at the time, Ina knew she was destined "to do something more creative and fun than writing nuclear energy budgets," she pens in her blog. One day she came across an advertisem*nt in the New York Times for a speciality food store for sale in the Hamptons. After deciding to check out the shop with her husband, Jeffrey, "it was love at first sight." With no business experience to her name, Ina made an offer on the shop with money she made flipping houses in Washington D.C., according to the Washington Post. Soon after, Ina was the proud owner of the The Barefoot Contessa.

The store was a huge success, and after 18 years of running the store, Ina sold it to its manager and its chef. Starting in 1996, she began writing cookbooks, and The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, released in 1999, became a best-seller, soon making her a household name. Ina credits its success to the hands-on approach she took to creating it; she told Forbes she hired her own photographer and publicist for it.

Her successful cookbooks led to her Food Network show in 2002, The Barefoot Contessa, which has been a hit. "I do the TV because it's an important part of the business, but it's the cookbooks I love writing,” she told Forbes. She’s also hosted Cook Like a Pro on the network. Previously, according to a 2013 book about the network, Ina apparently tried to sell a cooking show to Martha Stewart Living and shot pilot episodes, but Stewart ended up nixing the project.

Only Ina and her accountant know her net worth for sure, but various sites have estimated that Ina is pulling in big bucks. estimates her net worth at $50 million, thanks to her Food Network show, cookbooks, grocery line, and merchandise.

Ina husband, Jeffrey, is also a financial powerhouse. According to, Jeffrey is worth $100 million, mostly thanks to his former jobs as managing director of Lehman Brothers and Blackstone Group. Previously, Jeffrey worked in economic policy during the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations, and is now an author and professor at the Yale School of Management.

Ina and Jeffrey also own some impressive real estate. In 2016, Forbes reported that they bought a $4.65 million apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in NYC. She recently posted on Instagram about a new custom Lacanche range she installed there, which costs $15,000.

In 2017, they put a second New York City apartment in the area up for sale for $1.975 million. Their primary residence is in East Hampton, New York, where Ina films her television show. They have expanded and renovated their property several times over the years, but it’s clear it’s where they call home—and where Ina makes her impressive living.

Ina Garten Is Worth a Lot More Than You Realized (2024)


Ina Garten Is Worth a Lot More Than You Realized? ›

There are few people we love more on this earth than Ina Garten. Through her unexpected journey to celebrity chef stardom, the 71-year-old has amassed a significant net worth—a jaw-dropping $50 million. Yup, we're not joking.

What is a quote from Ina Garten? ›

Store-bought is fine in a pinch, but homemade is always better. Ina Garten's quote, "Store-bought is fine in a pinch, but homemade is always better," encapsulates the essence of elevating the simple act of cooking and appreciating the art of homemade food.

How much is the Garten's worth? ›

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ina Garten's net worth in 2024 is estimated at $60 million. When combined with that of her husband Jeffrey, that amount is estimated at a whopping $120 million.

Is Ina Garten still married to her husband Jeffrey? ›

The Food Network star and her husband have been married for over 50 years. Ina Garten, 76, has called her husband Jeffrey Garten the "love of my life" — and he seems to feel the exact same way.

Why do people like Ina Garten? ›

Garten is the woman they turn to when they, as her latest cookbook is titled, want to learn how to “Cook Like a Pro.” “I've always found something very alluring about the world she creates and how she brings people together,” Heuck says.

Is Ina Garten a Catholic? ›

Garten is Jewish by birth and heritage, as is her husband, but rarely refers to her religion and ethnicity, though they are showcased through the inclusion of classic Jewish cooking in her television show and cookbooks, when she makes such dishes as rugelach, challah, and brisket.

What ethnicity is Ina Garten? ›

Born Ina Rosenberg to a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York City and grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, Garten was one of two children born to Charles H. Rosenberg, a surgeon specializing in otolaryngology, and his wife, Florence (née Rich), a dietitian.

What does the Barefoot Contessa's husband do for a living? ›

Currently, Jeffrey serves as the Dean Emeritus at the Yale School of Management and teaches courses on the global economy. According to his faculty page, prior to joining Yale, he worked for multiple White House administrations, served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and was a managing director on Wall Street.

Does Ina Garten own a home in Paris? ›

Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey Garten are celebrating New Year's Eve in style! The Food Network star, 75, and her husband Jeffrey Garten rang in 2024 while in Paris, where they own an apartment.

How much does Ina Garten's house cost? ›

According to Observer, Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey just purchased a Park Avenue home for $4.65 million.

Why did Ina Garten have no children? ›

In a new interview for Julia Louis-Dreyfus' podcast, Wiser Than Me, Garten admitted that it "wasn't a struggle at all" to decide against having children. "I had no interest in having children," she told Louis-Dreyfus. "I had a terrible childhood, and it was nothing I wanted to recreate.

How did Ina Garten get rich? ›

Ina Garten has built an incredible career, which started with writing budgets at the White House. With the support of husband Jeffrey, she then ran a grocery store that launched her cooking journey. Garten has since written 13 cookbooks, and "Barefoot Contessa" has been on TV for 20 years.

How much is Ina Garten's husband worth? ›

Ina husband, Jeffrey, is also a financial powerhouse. According to, Jeffrey is worth $100 million, mostly thanks to his former jobs as managing director of Lehman Brothers and Blackstone Group.

Does Ina Garten have a college degree? ›

Garten then decided to discontinue her studies at Syracuse University and focused on cooking for her husband. However, Jeffrey pushed her to pursue her passions for business and cooking, and she later earned her degree from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

What brand shirt does Ina Garten wear? ›

Garten held one of her signature button-down denim shirts from Talbots on a hanger off to the side. The cook's fans and celebrity friends gushed over her look in the comments section, including Julianna Margulies, who wrote, “So chic!” alongside heart and laughing emojis.

Did Anthony Bourdain like Ina Garten? ›

As per HuffPost, Bourdain once remarked that he respected Garten's work, and said that her cooking style is the real deal. Bourdain went as far as to say, "What she cooks on TV is legit and instructive.

What is Ina Garten famous for? ›

In 2002 Food Network approached Ina Garten to do a cooking show based on her cookbooks and her love of entertaining. She was reluctant but decided to challenge herself to do 13 shows. Today her Emmy-winning cooking show, Barefoot Contessa, is one of the highest rated shows on Food Network.

Did Ina Garten want kids? ›

Ina Garten is opening up about her decision not to have kids. During a recent appearance on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' podcast "Wiser Than Me," the Food Network star got candid about having "no interest in having children" and how her husband Jeffrey Garten has been supportive of her choice.

What ever happened to Ina Garten? ›

She is the host of Be My Guest and Barefoot Contessa on Food Network and Max, for which she has won five Emmy Awards and three James Beard Awards. In Fall 2024 Ina Garten will publish her long-awaited memoir Be Ready When the Luck Happens (Crown / Penguin Random House, Oct.

Did Ina Garten sell Barefoot Contessa? ›

Garten ran the Barefoot Contessa store for 18 years — eventually moving it from Westhampton Beach to a bigger location in East Hampton — before she sold it to two of her employees in 1996. Three years later, Garten published her first cookbook with recipes from her store. Then, Food Network came calling.

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