What Are All the Potions in Conan Exiles? - Basically Average (2024)

I must admit that sometimes I’m an extremely lazy person who often doesn’t use the resources he has available, especially if he needs to craft them. I may, or may not be known for ignoring food and potions whenever I’m streaming on Twitch. I often question how certain members of my community are so patient with me, especially when whatever I’m struggling with an element of a game could be easily remedied with a resource already have access to or may already have crafted, but I guess it’s just soo obvious that I struggle with executive function especially when I’m multitasking on stream.

Now, when I’m not streaming I have to say I’m a bit better with my resources, obviously being someone who min-maxes and does a heck tonne of research in order to make sure he understands the ins and outs of a game even if he’s not writing a guide about it.

Since I’m primarily playing Conan Exiles on stream I have to admit that my brain is often split between what I’m doing in-game while keeping up with chat, so Potion making specifically took a long backseat for weeks since I didn’t give myself the time to read through all of the recipes and bonuses you get from the potions. Well, the day has come for me to go fully in-depth with everything potion related and help guide you through everything that Potions can help you out within each stage of the game. So let’s go!

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Players will have to begin their journey of potion-making when they access Survivalist Knowledge. Now, anything you learn at this tier will quickly be overtaken when players access new Journeys and Knowledge, but I strongly recommend that players access this Knowledge as soon as they can as it will greatly impact a player’s survivability in the early game.

Otherwise, players will need to start gaining knowledge for the Alchemist’s Bench and the higher tiers of this in order to continue their Potion-making skills even further. I wouldn’t say that players need to rush this process, but players will be able to tell when they are in need of upgrading their Potions based on their Survivability.


There is technically only one Potion that players will be able to access when they unlock the Survivalist Knowledge.

This Potion is the Weak Aloe Extract.

Weak Aloe Extract can be crafted from the player’s inventory and stacks up to 10 times.

As is with all Potions, it will take the player 3 seconds to drink the Weak Aloe Extract and the Healing will begin after 1.5 seconds. After this time players will be able to regenerate 80 Health over 5 seconds, though if a player takes any damage during this time the regeneration will end.

Players can craft Weak Aloe Extract with 3 Aloe Leaves.


Although players won’t technically be crafting their Potions in the Firebowl Cauldron, they will need the Firebowl Cauldron to create some of the ingredients for these Potions.

There is a substantial upgrade in these Potions and I would honestly rush this upgrade since you’re going to have a good amount of time gating from crafting. Not only that, but the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge unlocks a bunch of ingredients that are used in other crafting stations for structures or to craft other resources.

The following are the Potions that can be crafted when the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge is unlocked but will require the Alchemist’s Bench in order to craft.


The Aloe Extract is the first Potion I crafted hundreds of. I would keep at least 20 of these on you in the early game at all times to make sure you never run out of them while adventuring in the world.

As soon as you unlock this, I strongly recommend that you stop using the Weak Aloe Potions, especially as the resources you use for the Aloe Extract aren’t actually that much more than the Weak Aloe Potion and you’ll get a lot more out of it than the Weak Aloe Potion.

Aloe Extract requires players to use the Alchemist’s Bench (or higher) and will need 10 Aloe Leaves to craft.

While it will take 3 seconds to actually drink the Aloe Extract healing won’t take effect until 1.5 seconds.

Players will restore 120 Health over 5 seconds as long as they do not take any damage.


Violet Curative is actually a potion that I don’t really use as I tend to not have much of an issue with the effects it alleviates.

Essentially Violet Curative is used to alleviate any poison a player experiences. Now, in most cases, Poison isn’t an issue, though there are some bosses out there that rapidly stack Poison on you and will kill you extremely quickly. So, if you know you’re going to be up against one of these, such as Snake bosses, I would strongly recommend bringing these with you.

Players will need to kill a good amount of Snakes in order to craft the violet Curative as the potion requires 10 Serpent Venom Glands in order to craft. Snakes will be found mostly in the Jungle, though there are a few areas where a player will bump into Snakes earlier than this.

The Violet Curative works immediately and removes all poison, though it does cause the player to become Drunken.

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The Yellow Lotus Potion is used to reset both your Feat points (Knowledge) and Attributes. Admittedly, this isn’t going to be the most useful for players as players will probably be much more interested in simply switching out their Attributes.

Luckily for players, there is a way to do this, so I would avoid using the Yellow Lotus Potion unless you really want to reset your knowledge in particular.

If for whatever reason you want to still make the YellowLotus Potion all it takes is 10 YellowLotus Blossoms.


Though you wouldn’t think of Reaper Poison as a Potion, I’m going to include it because by technicality it is.

Essentially the Reaper Poison will apply 10 stacks of poison on specific Weapons such as daggers. This greatly increases the amount of damage a player can deal with these Weapons and are an absolute must for a lot of more difficult content.

Although the Reaper Poison is the lowest tier of Poison, being 20-30% weaker than the poison from the Venom-Infused Daggers or 40-50% Weaper than the Scorpion Queen Poison, the awesome thing is all three forms of Poison can be stacked together on a mob allowing for a maximum of 20 stacks of poison.

The Reaper Poison will simply need 1 Sand Reaper Toxin Gland in order to craft. Due to the inexpensive nature of this Potion, I would strongly recommend stockpiling it to clear out bosses.


Once players gain access to the Potionmaker Knowledge they will unlock both the Improved Firebowl Cauldron and the Improved Alchemist Bench.

Players don’t technically need to use either of the Improved versions of these tables, though it does help improve the amount of time it takes for the resources to be crafted, so I would recommend upgrading your tables as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.


Black Lotus Potions are used primarily as a way to gain 15% Strength for 60 minutes, though it comes at the cost of gaining Corruption, becoming Drunken, Poisoned and gaining Alcohol Poisoning.

If you are going to use this Potion I strongly recommend making sure that you have access to Set as your religion as he has a Potion you can make that will ensure that you do not have the negative effects of this Potion. Players can also use other Potions in tandem in order to remove these effects.

Players will also summon a Wisp when they drink this potion that will take them to Chaosmouth, where they can create the Keystone.

The Potion requires 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 3 Black Lotus Powder and 1 Alchemical Base.


The Grey Lotus Potion is much safer than the Black Lotus Potion and will provide you with 15% Strength damage for 60 minutes with the trade-off of becoming Tipsy, Drunken and Alcohol Poisoned.

This also makes a Wisp that takes you into The Sinkhole where you can locate some good resources and recipes.

Players will need 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 3 Grey Lotus Powder and 1 Alchemical Base in order to craft the Grey Lotus Potion


The Purple Lotus Potion is a bit of an odd potion as it increases a player’s Charisma and will also provide players with 12% extra Follower damage. Now, the odd part to this potion is the Charisma as this isn’t actually anything that affects your character other than if you were playing this game on well er… the NSFW mode as it will make your dong bigger.

As a negative this Potion will Cripple you and make you Drunken, though it will create a wisp that takes you to the Witch Queen.

It takes the following ingredients to craft a Purple Lotus Potion: 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 3 Purple Lotus Powder and 1 Alchemical Base

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The Frost Lotus Potion is an extremely useful Potion to have on you as it will provide you with 15% Agility Damage, 50 Armour, 45 Carrying Weight and 21 Stamina. The negatives are also not too bad as it will only make you Drunken and Poisoned which can be offset extremely easily.

Players will also be able to create a wisp that takes them to The Black Keep.

To craft the Frost Lotus Potion players will need 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 2 Frost Lotus Flowers and 1 Alchemical Base.


With the Golden Lotus Potion players will gain 21 Stamina and will also experience Charisma. As a negative players will become Drunken.

As many of the other Lotus Potions this bad boy will take you to The Well of Skelos.

To craft the Golden Lotus Potion players will need 1 Water-filled Glass Glass Flask, 2 Golden Lotus Flowers and 1 Alchemical Base.


I won’t lie, I was completely blind sided by what this Potion does as by the name you could safely assume that this was going to give you some sort of Nightvision, however, this is nowhere near what the Elixir of Sight does.

Instead, players will receive 30% Concussive Damage, making it much easier to knock out humans for Thralls.

Elixir’s of Sight are created by mixing 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 1 Alchemical Base and 2 Grey Lotus Powder.


More properly named, the Elixir of Grace is a way to provide yourself with 15% Agility Weapon Damage.

Players can craft these by using 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 1 Alchemical Base and 2 Crimson Lotus Powder.


The Elixir of Numbing actually makes a lot of sense with it’s name and raises a player’s Carrying Capacity by 45.

Elixir’s of Numbing are great for the times when you’re out and become over encumbered without the Attribute that let’s you carry unlimited resources, though I would never pop it before you go out on an adventure and only use them when you’re trying to return to your base and are slowed down.

Players can make Elixirs of Numbing with 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 1 Alchemical Base and 2 Frost Lotus Powder.


The Elixir of Enduring is a great potion to have when you’re about to do a lot of heavy battling. This provides you with 50 Armour and will make it so you do not have to wear very heavy armour or can make your heavy armour even more powerful.

The Elixir of Enduring will need the following ingredients to craft: 1 Water-filled Flask, 1 Alchemical Base, 1 Crimson Lotus Powder and 1 Golden Lotus Powder.


The Elixir of Might is by far my favourite since I’m a strength boy who wants to put out as much damage as he can. With the Elixir of Might players will gain 15% Strength making fighting quite a bit easier to manage.

The Elixir of Might requires the following ingredients to craft: 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 1 Alchemical Base, 1 Frost Lotus Powder and 1 Grey Lotus Powder.


Tears of Gullah is perfect for those of you who rely on the damage output of your Followers. I’ve covered before how useful Followers such as Dalinsia are for any player whether they are engaging in PVP or not. Well, with Tears of Gullah players will be able to boost their Follower’s damage by 12%.

Tears of Gullah requires the following ingredients to craft: 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 1 Alchemical Base, 1 Purple Lotus Powder and 1 Crimson Lotus Powder.

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I can’t think of a better named Elixir as this one outright just tells you what stat it helps with. The Elixir of Vigor will provide you with 60 extra Health. Honestly, I don’t really use this Elixir much, but it is nice to know that it’s there.

Players can craft it by using 1 Water-filled Flask, 1 Alchemical Base, 1 Black Lotus Powder and 1 Frost Lotus Powder.


You wouldn’t think it was necessary, but there’s a lot a player can find under water in Conan Exiles including things like dungeons. A lot of these places are insufferable to get through without a Fish Gill Potion, so get ready to stack some Potions before swimming.

With the Fish Gill Potion players will gain 120 lung capacity.

Fish Gill Potions require the following ingredients: 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 1 Alchemical Base, 1 Purple Lotus Powder and 1 Crimson Lotus Powder.


A bit odd that you would gain a Potion from Specialist Cooking X, but I won’t lie, this Potion is also…. odd!

Players will gain access to the Potion of Endowment from the Specialist Cooking which will make it so your bits and pieces are made as large as they can be in the game. This is… useless unless you just want some comedic relief.

Players can craft the Potion of Endowment using 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 1 Alchemical Base and 3 Grey Lotus Powder.


Players will need to head to the Child of Jhebbal Sag, located near the Den in order to learn the Midnight Alchemist Knowledge. This comes with 3 Potions and can easily be missed if players aren’t paying attention to their surroundings.

For players who are trying to complete all of their Journeys this is actually a necessary task to progress the one related to Dungeons. The following are the Potions that are made available to them.


The Potion of Midnight can be accessed in two ways, one is by purchasing it for 5 Feral Flesh from the Child of Jhebbal Sag or by crafting it themselves.

Admittedly, the purpose of the Potion of Midnight is only to get into the Midnight Grove, so it won’t be used much unless you are trying to farm it.

Upon gaining the knowledge to craft the Potion of Midnight it will take the following items if players are not using the purchase from the Child of Jhebbal Sag:

1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 5 Blood, 3 Bonemeal and 20 Yellow Lotus Powder.


The Potion of Bestial Memory is the best way for players to reset their Attribute Points. It is strongly recommend that players only craft these when they need them as they have a 2 minute expiry time, though players can keep them in a Preservation Box in order to keep them for longer.

Players will need the following ingredients for a Potion of Bestial Memory:

1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 3 Yellow Lotus Blossoms, 10 Raw Ash and 3 Blood.


The Potion of Natural Learning is the best way for players to reset their Knowledge Points. It should be noted that the Potion of Natural Learning will reset all Knowledge including Religion, though it will not reset anything that a player has found in the world.

Players will need the following ingredients for a Potion of Natural Learning:

1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 3 Yellow Lotus Blossoms, 10 Raw Ash and 3 Bonemeal.

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There are a few Potions out there that players will not get in the “packs” of recipes and instead players will need to learn single handedly. Typically these Potions are much better than the ones that are purchased on groups, so make sure you keep your eye out for them when you have extra Feat Points.


The Breath of Dagon requires players to purchase the Dagon’s Breath Knowledge and will provide players with lung capacity for 600 seconds, which is 10x the amount of the Breathing Potion and 5 times the amount of the Fish Gill Potion.

Players will want this Potion if they are planning on being underwater for extended periods of time as it will ensure that they never drown.

To craft the Breath of Dagon players will need 1 Fish Gill Potion, 2 Alchemical Base, 1 Black Lotus Powder and 1 Scales of Dagon.


The Concentrated Aloe Extract is by far the best source of healing in my opinion and is something I rushed for as I don’t typically like using bandages and much prefer the burst healing that comes from Aloe based Potions.

It will take 3 seconds for a player to drink the Concentrated Aloe Extract, but healing will begin after 1.5 seconds.

This potion restores 160 health over 5 seconds as long as a player takes no damage during this time, if a player takes any damage this will break the regeneration effect.

Players will heal 160 HP over 5 seconds.

Concentrated Aloe Extract requires 30 Aloe Leaves and 1 Alchemical Base.

I would personally use these sparingly and save them for really tough battles where you need rapid healing.


The Infused Aloe Extract is the strongest version of Extract that players have access to and will require the most ingredients and will provide the best boost in health and in my opinion should only be used in extreme circ*mstances because of how costly they are.

Players will take 3 seconds to drink the Infused Aloe Extract and will begin healing after 1.5 seconds. During this time players will restore 200 health over 2.5 seconds, which is faster than any other Potion in the game. The total amount of healing a player will receive is 200 HP.

In order to craft an Infused Aloe Extract players will need 50 Aloe Leaves, 20 Alchemical Base and 1 Scale of Dagon.

This is under the Ancient Lumurian Aloe Extract Knowledge.


Similar to the Infused Aloe Extract, this is another one of the highest tiers of Extract in the game, however it uses one less ingredient and is a bit different.

With the Infused Aloe Extract players will take 3 seconds to drink the potion and will begin healing after 1.5 seconds, receiving 200 health over 5 seconds. The total amount is also 200 HP.

I would use this potion if you don’t have access to Scales of Dagon, however, I’d use the Infused Aloe Extract if you have them.

Players will need to purchase this from the Pure Aloe Extract Knowledge and will need the following ingredients:

50 Aloe Leaves and 20 Alchemical Base.


The Scorpion Queen Poison is one of the best ways to deal damage in all of Conan Exiles as it will apply 20 Stacks of Poison on your Weapon and is by far one of the most powerful applications of Poisons in the game.

Players will need to get the Scorpion Queen Venom Knowledge in order to unlock it. The only issue with the Scorpion Queen Poison is that it cannot be applied on all Weapons, though players can use this in tandem with other Poisons to deal the most ridiculous amount of damage.

Players will only be able to craft this with the Scorpion Queen Venom Gland.


The Vehemence Elixir can be unlocked with the Stygian Alchemy Knowledge and will be able to provide players with warmth or a cooldown for a minute, providing them with a total of 29 points.

These are incredibly important in some areas of the map where a player will take on going damage for being too cold or hot.

While I would recommend that players pair these up with food, it is pretty powerful on it’s own and can really help you out when you’re just getting used to all the element mechanics.

Players will need 1 Water-filled Glass Flask, 2 Alchemical Base, 5 Crimson Lotus Powder and 5 Frost Lotus Powder to craft one.

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To my surprise there are a number of recipes that players will have to learn through completing content. I don’t know why I was surprised to be honest because it makes sense, though realistically you become quite comfortable with being able to pick and choose what you want access to in Conan Exiles due to the Knowledge Tree and Feat Points.

The following are the Potions you must travel around the world in order to unlock.


Dredger is the final boss in The Dregs and will provide you with a variety of crafting recipes including the following two Potions:


Glowing Essence becomes an ingredient that used in a variety of recipes, however, on it’s own it is pretty useless.

To craft it, it will take 10 Glowing Goop and 2 Aloe Leaves.


Speaking of Glowing Essence, one of the main Potions it is used for and is one of the better options in my opinion.

The Breathing Potion will provide players with Water Breathing for an extra 60 seconds. While this isn’t the best potion, it does significantly help a player when they are searching for under water goodies.

Players will need 1 Water Orb and 5 Glowing Essence to craft one.

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There are a few potions that will require players to be following a particular Religion in order to actually have access to them. Now, would I recommend that a player follows specific religions only for the bonuses they receive… not always, but sometimes they can be very powerful.

I’ve covered this in a previous post, but players can follow multiple Religions at any point as long as they have enough feat points or have located the proper NPCs to provide them.


The Berserker Draught is specific to Ymir and will require you to follow in his steps in order to gain access to it.

It will provide players with the following for 15 seconds:

20 Strength

400 Armour

Enrage, which restricts Healing

Enrage Regeneration

Increased Stamina Regeneration

Unrelenting, where a player cannot be crippled

As a negative players will gain a minor cripple for 6 seconds after the Potion expires and will become 3x Drunk with the chance of gaining Alcohol Poisoning if a player drinks two of these.

This potion is great for burst damage, though it can be risky to use if players use too much of it. I like using it on really long battles where you can take breaks using it in between.

Players will need the following ingredients in order to craft the Berserker Draught:

1 Water-filled Glass Flask

1 Alchemical Base

1 Heart of a Nordheimer

2 Crimson Lotus Powder


With the Elixir of Freedom players will gain 21 Stamina for an hour and will be able to remove Cripple. While very nice to have, I can’t say that this is the best Potion out there, even with Religion.

Players will need to be following Derketo and will need the following ingredients to craft the Elixir of Freedom:

1 Silver of the Unfulfilled and 1 Handful of Insects.


For those of you who were confused with the Sight Potion as I was, well now’s your chance to get the thing that you thought you would get there. The Night-Eye Potion will provide players with 5-minutes of sight in the dark, making it perfect for those who want to sneak attack against enemy players or simply want to gather some loot at night with no problem.

Players will need 1 Water-filled Glass Flask as well as 1 Sacred Blood in order to craft it.


The Hunter’s Potion is by far one of my favourite Potions in the game as I get frustrated when I can’t knock down a human that I want to turn into a Thrall. With the Hunter’s Potion players will gain 50% Concussive Damage making it a lot easier to secure a knock out

Players will need 1 Water-filled Glass Flask and 2 Sacred Blood in order to make this potion.


By far the most useful Potion of all the Potions for those tied to religion is the Set Antidote.

Players will have an extremely easy way of curing Poison, Alcohol Poisoning and Food Poisoning making this extremely powerful for the early stages and even the late stages of Conan Exiles. I strongly recommend choosing Set as your god for this reason alone.

Players will need to turn in 1 Human-Heart, which can be obtained simply from using your Religious Tool on a Human enemy.

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Oddly enough there are some potions that cannot be crafted in Conan Exiles and instead must be farmed from mobs. Admittedly, some of these Potions are very useful as others can be avoided.


The Curative Mixture can be dropped by the Rum Runner Vald and will cure hangovers. Admittedly, I don’t feel like this is very necessary.


Hanuman’s Gift is a reward players receive for providing a Human Heart to Hanuman in Hanuman’s Grotto though players can provide other hearts for an 80% chance to receive the gift.

This Potion is a really interesting one as it can provide players with a random buff for an hour, all being positive. One of the following will be rewarded:

15% Agility Weapon Damage

50 Armour

45 Carrying Capacity

30% Concussive Damage

60 Health

12% Follower Damage

21 Stamina

15% Strength Weapon damage


Although incredibly powerful, Super Coating is a Potion that can only be obtained by killing Cimmerians in the Mounds of the Dead. The unfortunate reality of this is that players only have a chance in order for it to drop. Though this is the case, I can’t think of a player who wouldn’t want to do a decent amount of grinding for this resource.

The Specter Coating will apply 109 stacks of poison to most Weapons and Tools.

What Are All the Potions in Conan Exiles? - Basically Average (2024)
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